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One last look -DH spoil sorta- by kyla79 One last look -DH spoil sorta- :iconkyla79:kyla79 5,140 586 Friendship is Magic! by dennyvixen Friendship is Magic! :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 8,654 0
The Imperial Cult
The Beginning
"In the beginning, there was darkness. An empty void of infinite nothingness. Then, the void did split, and reality was created from nothingness. Matter and energy in swirling patterns combined to form galaxies, and stars, and worlds.
On a trillion worlds and more life grew from the chaos, the guttered and died, with nothing and no-one to remember it.
On a billion worlds and more life grew from the chaos, and survived. Transformed by the passage of aeons from base protoplasm into animal and plant, there to hold and thrive.
On a million worlds and more life grew from the chaos, and founded a line that would survive and change to sentient life, from which a form of society would grow.
On a thousand worlds and more life grew from the chaos, and founded a line which would create coalitions and empires and federations which would spread throughout the stars and found itself again on new worlds.
On one world life grew from the chaos, and founded a race which will one day rule a
:icontentailedcat:TenTailedCat 2 1
My Little StarCitizen: The Zebra Merchants by FoxInShadow My Little StarCitizen: The Zebra Merchants :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 866 31 Spyro x Cynder by YunakiDraw Spyro x Cynder :iconyunakidraw:YunakiDraw 742 184 Quoth The Raven~Nevermore by KxG-WitcheR Quoth The Raven~Nevermore :iconkxg-witcher:KxG-WitcheR 879 164 The Universe by humon The Universe :iconhumon:humon 4,890 39 Visit at the memorial gardens by Ende26 Visit at the memorial gardens :iconende26:Ende26 1,281 703 You will always be in my heart by Ende26 You will always be in my heart :iconende26:Ende26 698 118 Spike x Rarity - Marriage Proposal by Pia-sama Spike x Rarity - Marriage Proposal :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 817 186
The Six Lessons of Loki
I. The Norns are bitches. You can either entertain them or yourself. Deal with it.
II. If you plan to do something stupid, make sure you can save your own ass.
III. He who plays with fire risks getting burnt. Even I am no exception to this.
IV. Never lie, but only tell the truth if you have to.
V. Snake venom is painful.
VI. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Mjollnir is sure to kill me.
:iconmegami-of-nekro:Megami-of-Nekro 180 33
1. Scrutinize an entrance before passing through;
Uncertain it is where foes may be seated.
2. Hail, generous ones! A guest has arrived. Show him a seat.
He has haste who must prove himself at the fire.
3. Warmth is needed by one who comes in from the cold;
Food and drink needs the man who comes in from the mountains.
4. Water needs he who comes to his host, a towel and greeting;
A kindly reception for one who seeks words and a friendly hearing.
5. Wit needs the wanderer in foreign lands. At home all is easy.
Boast not your deeds among those who are wise.
6. Display not your cleverness; have a care; the wise man is silent
On another's ground, and arouses no anger. Better friend has no man than good sense.
7. The wary guest at the feast keeps silent when there is whispering;
He heeds with his ears, seeks with his eyes; so the wise man observes.
8. Happy the man who gains honor and esteem;
But uncertain the gain borne in another's breast.
9. Happy is he who has himself honor and wisdom i
:icon357supermagnum:357supermagnum 2 0
This Pagan Man's Plight
Why must I abide with this forced conversion?
Why should I have to change how my family and I live?
When was my faith in the Gods suddenly an unholy perversion?
To whom, my devotion and offerings, should I instead give?
You say that your almighty God is just and kind,
And you also say that his love is beyond beautiful.
But all I see you do is push his teachings upon my mind,
As if my faith in him and his son should already be unconditional.
Why should I change, for what is your righteous reason?
Or is there none to be found but a blade at my throat?
Or maybe, for not abiding, you can charge me with high treason.
Perhaps you could burn my home down, and deprive me of far more than my filthy coat.
As witness to MY Gods, I refuse to humbly kneel,
For your stones and swords will not sway my heart tonight.
And once you've decided my fate, and those tortures I feel,
Thus will abruptly end this Pagan man's plight.
:iconmabusthedark:MabusTheDark 32 41
Pagan Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep
God and Goddess my soul to keep
Earth and water, fire and air
I sleep peacefully knowing you're there
Should Death come on swift wing
My soul to Asgard with him bring
:icontherealnightspirit:TheRealNightspirit 28 8
I'm the rainbow, I'm the sky by Agletka I'm the rainbow, I'm the sky :iconagletka:Agletka 707 0 Requiem of the night by Agletka Requiem of the night :iconagletka:Agletka 1,021 54



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I hath tasted the fruit and drunk the honeydew of paradise
It lies in the soul of that rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Leah

From her beautiful soul springs forth hope and love eternal
From her eyes of ebony and her flesh of alabaster springs forth a material beauty rivaling that of the Universe itself

Love of mine
Someday you will die
Bur I'll be close behind
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you
Into the dark

Oh be still my throbbing heart
Beating fast and beating faster
When I behold your flesh alabaster

I long to kiss your sweet lips
But if your lips be dry
May I instead wander lower
Where sweet fountains lie


United States


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